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Commonly referred to as Moe by friends. I’m just another person that is passionate about digital innovations and technology. This is where I come to share my thoughts on everything, with the main focus being on marketing and consumer electronics.
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What Is Fintech?

Over the years, technology has shaped many things, and one of those things is the way we handle finances. Let’s face it, these are changing times, and platforms like PayPal, Google Wallet, and Apple/Android Pay are the new phase of the larger financial system, especially in the commercial sector. This is what Fintech is. Fintech,Continue reading “What Is Fintech?”

How Blockchain Technology Has Revolutionized Online Transactions

We all started hearing of Blockchain about ten years ago and most of what we heard was associated with Bitcoin. Fast Forward 10 years later and the technology is everywhere with many Fintech startups focusing on the Blockchain technology. So, what exactly is Blockchain? And how did it revolutionize online transactions? The use of BlockchainContinue reading “How Blockchain Technology Has Revolutionized Online Transactions”


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