Samsung’s Secure Folder App

Samsung has just released the Nougat update for S7 edge devices in Lebanon. Now, I’m not new to the update as I didn’t want to wait for the OTA update to arrive, and so I went ahead and flashed my S7 Edge with the UK version of the firmware (I don’t recommend it unless you know all the risks of flashing a firmware). With the update’s welcomed arrival, Grace UX, apps, and many new features arrive. An app that just made available on the S7 and S7 Edge is Samsung’s Secure Folder App (downloaded from the Galaxy App Store).

The Secure Folder app allows users to store apps, documents, and more within a folder, hidden behind additional security. The user will be required to use a password, pattern lock, or biometrics to gain access to the folder. This is pretty useful when remembering that your smartphone is probably the most important thing you own. After all, we all store personal information on our devices. Anything stored in the folder is also available outside of it, that is unless you delete it (Memos, Documents, etc…). Apps are a little different, let’s say for example you store the Twitter app within the Secure Folder, then you would end up with a secured app within the folder and your normal app. In this case, the app within the Secure Folder would be treated as a separate account from the other app.

If you’re familiar with Samsung phones, then you’re probably familiar with My Knox. To those that don’t know My Knox, the App is available to Samsung phones and provides users with the ability to store whatever is needed in a locked folder for additional security. So what is the difference between Knox and Secure Folder? Well, to start with, Secure Folder actually runs on Knox’s platform. The only difference between the two is that Secure Folder can be hidden.

It’s worth noting that these apps and many Samsung features won’t be available if you have a rooted device.

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