A tablet to replace your Laptop?

Back in 2013, Microsoft attempted to replace our laptops with tablets. This was done with the launch of the Surface Pro lineup, a device that is great for students, or even those who are continuously working on the go. They provided tablets with attachable keyboard covers, a stylus, and enough power to do the job.Continue reading “A tablet to replace your Laptop?”

كيفية تفعيل جوجل أسيستانت

بدأت جوجل مؤخراً بإطلاق جوجل أسيستانت لمعظم هواتف أندرويد التي تلبي المواصفات المطلوبة. لتفعيل جوجل أسيستانت يجب أولاً التأكد بأنه تم تحديث خدمات جوجل PLAY إلى إصدار 10.2.98، من ثم يتم الضغط على زر الصفحة الرئيسة لعدة ثواني ليتم التفعيل. إحدى المشاكل التي تحصل بعد التفعيل بعدة ساعات هو إختفاء جوجل أسيستانت وعودة جوجل Now. هذه المشكلةContinue reading “كيفية تفعيل جوجل أسيستانت”

Google Assistant disappeared? This is how to get it back!

Google assistant began to roll out to android phones in the Middle East just recently, but not without problems. One problem that is common and that many people are encountering is that Google Assistant seemed to disappear shortly after being activated. Users would long press the home button launching Google Now instead of Google Assistant.Continue reading “Google Assistant disappeared? This is how to get it back!”

Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus vs. S7 and S7 Edge – is it worth the upgrade?

Looking back at 2016, the S7 Edge was hands down one of the best smartphones, with one of the best designs, which it still is to this date. Things have greatly changed with the launch of the S8 and S8 Plus now. With the introduction of the two new devices, Samsung officially came back swingingContinue reading “Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus vs. S7 and S7 Edge – is it worth the upgrade?”

S8 Pre-Order Deals In Lebanon – a letdown?

The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus pre-order deals in Lebanon have started and unfortunately, it is a letdown. Comparing this to the pre-order deals that started in the US right after the “Unbox your phone” event in New York, it does seem like a real letdown. The pre-order deal in Lebanon includes a 1-year subscription toContinue reading “S8 Pre-Order Deals In Lebanon – a letdown?”