Your smartphone is starting to slow down? Here’s a few solutions

Two of the most interesting Android phones, the LG G6 and Galaxy S8 have just recently become available in the markets. Two devices that offer great features, and that many users will surely enjoy. One thing that might spoil this experience is a phone that suddenly starts “acting weird”. All electronic devices will probably face some problems eventually, from low-end devices to high-end flagship ones.  In this post, I will be focusing on simple solutions you can try when your phone starts to lag, slow down, or seem to use more battery. Of course, the below solutions are NOT restricted to the two brands mentioned earlier.



The first thing to try would simply be restarting your phone. A restart is not really necessary for a smartphone unless the phone is installing software updates, otherwise, you don’t really need to restart unless you feel that it is necessary. When is that? Well if you start noticing that your smartphone has recently become buggy or slow, then it might be the time to try a restart.

Freeing up space

This might seem like a simple one and that’s because it is. Sometimes an almost full storage space can be the reason why your phone starts to slow down. In this case, removing some of the apps you don’t use, pictures, videos, and old downloaded documents would do the trick.

Clearing Cache


If none of the above seem to help, then perhaps a Cache wipe might be the solution to your problems. Cache files could help in having a better experience, as apps run smoother and faster. They can cause more harm than good when some of those saved cache files become corrupt. A simple cache clearing could do the job. This is done by going to settings, device storage, and then clicking on “Clear Cache”.

Rogue Third-Party Apps

If none of the above helped, then the reason behind your phone slowing down or bad battery life might be a third-party app that’s gone rogue after a new install or an update. This simply means that an app keeps running in the background, which is affecting the phone’s performance and draining its battery. Figuring out if this is the problem is quite simple, it’s just a matter of asking yourselves “Did the slowing down/bad battery life/rebooting start to occur after I installed/updated an app?”. To confirm, you should start the phone in Safe Mode which would disable all third party apps on the device. If the smartphone seems to run smoothly while in Safe Mode, then you have received confirmation that an app is causing the problem.

Booting the Galaxy S8 in Safe Mode:

  1. While the device is switched off, press and hold the Power key.
  2. Release the Power key only when “SAMSUNG” appears on the screen.
  3. Immediately press and hold down the Volume down key.
  4. Release the volume down key when the phone boots up and you see Safe Mode in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Booting the LG G6 in Safe Mode:

  1. With the phone still switched on, press and hold the Power key to get the options menu.
  2. Press and hold Power off.
  3. Press “Ok” when “Restart in Safe mode” appears.
  4. After restarting, “Safe Mode” should appear at the bottom of the screen.

Factory Reset

If none of the above-mentioned solutions work, then it might be time to think about a factory reset. A factory reset would delete all third-party apps and data saved on the phone, and so it is preferable to do a back-up before the factory reset. There are many applications or software to use to back-up your data. For the S8, I recommend that you use Samsung’s Smart Switch and the LG PC Suite for the LG G6.

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