Unboxing the Galaxy Tab S3

The Galaxy Tab S3 was announced back in February, during MWC, and it’s been a while since Samsung updated their Tab S line. The Tab S3 took its time to make its way to Lebanon, but it’s finally available. I bought the tablet immediately upon arrival about 3 weeks back, but due to many circumstances, it has taken me all this time till I was able to publish this unboxing.

The design has changed and it feels great in the hand, but not for long. I have been a fan of the glass and metal design since I used the S7 edge. I usually use my smartphone without a case, but the same can’t be said for the Tab S3. The Tablet just seems easy to break (might not be true) and I would definitely feel much better having it in a case.

The best upgrade made to this tablet was the addition of the S-Pen that we commonly get with the Note phones, Note tablet 2014, and most recently the Tab As. The new S-Pen is definitely different and better to hold and use. Another upgrade is the addition of 4 speakers that are tuned by AKG. The sound quality and volume levels are clearly better than previous models, but it could be much better.

The Galaxy Tab S3 comes with the following accessories:

  1. S Pen
  2. Addition S Pen Heads
  3. Fast Adaptive Charger
  4. Sim Ejector
  5. Samsung Earphones

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