Samsung’s new artwork

Samsung’s newest TV The Frame, is a frame, a TV made to look like artwork hanging on your wall. The company announced last month that the TV is beginning its global roll out, after previously announcing the TV back in CES (The Verge).

Consumers will be able to customize each Frame, by choosing different bezel color and material, which they will probably be charged a little bit extra for. As Samsung mentioned, the concept behind the TV is to “enhance the ambiance and décor of any room with multiple frame options including Walnut, Oak, and White. The Frame utilizes a brightness sensor to seamlessly adjust to ambient lighting and blend into the interior.”

Source: The Verge

The TV is also equipped with motion sensors that are able to detect if someone is in the room or not; therefore, turning the TV into power-saving mode when no one is around.

The Frame was introduced first in Switzerland and Norway, on May 30 and 31st, in different galleries to highlight its technological capabilities, design, and artistic attributes. When it comes to the TV’s specifications, The Frame is a 4K HDR Smart TV, that supports all of Samsung’s standard smart TV features. In terms of ports, the TV has four HDMI ports and three USB ports.

It hasn’t been announced yet as to when The Frame is expected to be available in Lebanon.

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