Comparing the Nokia 8 and the Samsung Galaxy S8+

Source: Nokia

At last, the Nokia 8 is here, and it comes with a great specs sheet. Just like other Nokia phones, the Nokia 8 is also manufactured by HMD Global. The new Nokia smartphone is the first actual Nokia Flagship running Android, that comes with an impressive specs sheet.  Given that the Galaxy S8+ just won the EISA best smartphone award, let us have a look and compare both phones’ specs sheets.

The Nokia 8 sure is a capable smartphone with a great camera setup, but let us discuss three features that I believe could have been better.

First, the Nokia 8’s bezels are as thick as most flagship phones’ bezels used to be. Now, they sure didn’t need to remove the upper and bottom bezels all together, but reducing them a bit would have been a plus. Second, with many flagships coming with IP67 and IP68 dust/water proof, this brings us to my second disappointment as the Nokia 8 comes with an IP54 certification (dust/splash resistant). I believe an IP67 certification is a feature that the Nokia 8 would’ve really made good use of. Just think about all the great underwater pictures you could have taken with this phone. Finally, after using AMOLED screens for so long, I just fail to see why new flagships are still being released with LCD screens. The brightness levels and colors of an AMOLED screen are just far more superior.

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