LG V30 – specs and features

Source: LG USA Mobile

Among the smartphones launched at the beginning of 2017, the LG G6 was one of my favorites, and now, the company is back again with yet another great device. The LG V30 has just been announced two days ago and this device is an absolute beauty, inside and out. The least to say is that this phone has a headphone jack! The company is probably planning to steal some spotlight with this device, which is most probably going to be difficult to do, due to the Note 8, iPhone 8, Mate 10, and Pixel 2. Q4 of 2017 is just filled with highly anticipated smartphones. Now, let’s have a look at what the phone has to offer.


The V3o comes with a beautiful premium glass and metal design, which if you ask me looks much better than its V20 predecessor. The phone has an IP68 dust and water resistance certification, as well as a Military standard 810G drop protection (same as the V20). On the front, the phone comes with a near bezel-less P-OLED display.

On the front, the phone comes with a near bezel-less P-OLED display. On the back, you’ll find a dual camera setup, with a circular finger print sensor right under them.


Previously, the only LG phone that came with a P-OLED display was the LG G Flex. Now, and at last, the V30 is the first LG flagship to come with a P-OLED display, a change that is long overdue. I mean it is simple, just compare the Galaxy S8’s display to any other LCD display out there, and notice the color/brightness difference. OLED is simply amazing!

So, you’ve been hearing a lot about OLED/AMOLED, and now we just added P-OLED to the mix. Is it getting a bit confusing? What’s the difference between all these types of displays? Android Authority provided a nice and detailed article on this, that you can find here.


Source: LG USA Mobile

The V30, just like many previous LG phones, comes with dual camera setup. The phone has one 16 MP lens with a large aperture of f/1.6 and a 70-degree field of view, and another 13 MP wide angle lens (120-degree) with an aperture of f/1.9.

It is worth mentioning that while the first lens has both AF and OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), the second lens does not. The 16 MP sensor has a glass lens instead of a plastic lens which should improve sharpness.

LG offers a “Cine Video” mode, which provides users with 16 different color-grading presets. A cool camera feature that you can find on the V30 is the “Point Zoom”, which is a targeted zoom, where the zooming will focus on a certain subject as a user zooms in.

Interesting V30 features

  • Floating Bar: When switched on, this provides a floating bar that can be accessed from the screen’s edge. The floating bar would contain app shortcuts or actions, which is quite similar to the Galaxy S8’s “apps edge” or “tasks edge”.
  • Rearranging and changing buttons: Rearranging the lower home, back, or recent buttons isn’t something new, but it is great to be there. On the V30, a user can also add other buttons such as a screenshot button or a notification button (bringing down the notification shade).
  • Smart settings: This allows users to define the type of settings they want to be switched on depending on a certain condition. For example, a user can set to have their wifi switched off and their screen’s “auto brightness” switched on, once they’re away from home.

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