Galaxy S9: Slow-Mo approved!

The S9 and S9 Plus have been in the market for a couple of months now and they have been receiving very good reviews. Two features that are continuously highlighted when discussing the two phones are the Super-Slow-Mo and the mechanical variable aperture. My initial impression when looking at the two new phones was that Samsung should have provided more to win the market this year, but it seems that the phones excelled at what was provided that it still manages to grab attention among fierce competition.

Samsung has been teaming up with Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy, the two guys behind the famous YouTube Channel also known as “The Slow Mo Guys”, since the release of the two devices to provide users with a better understanding of the Super Slow-mo feature.

Here’s an interview recently held with The Slow Mo Guys, as they discuss and explain what they like about the S9’s Slow-Mo feature:

“There’s a lot of beauty in the world, even in normal, everyday subjects when they’re slowed down,” says Gavin. “There are so many aspects of everyday life that you usually ignore that look completely different when slowed down.”

For The Slow Mo Guys, Automatic Motion Detection is among the best functions of the Super Slow-mo feature. “With high-speed cameras, even ours, we can’t record for very long because it’s taking so many pictures every second that the recording time is very short,” says Gavin. “[The Galaxy S9] has an auto-triggering box so that you can put a box on the screen and, if something goes through the box, it automatically knows that that’s your slow-motion moment.”

“So say, for example, you’re waiting for something to burst or something to be hit or explode. If you place the box where the action is going to happen, you don’t need to worry about it, which is really, really cool. It removes the human error part [of filming],” adds Dan.

In terms of tips for users to get the most out of the Super Slow-mo feature, Gavin says lighting is everything. “Make sure that you have a lot of light since you are taking so many pictures every second. There’s not actually a lot of light hitting the sensor for very long, so a bright environment is very good,” he notes. As for Dan, he recommends taking an experimental approach. “Since it’s a phone, there’s no limit to what you can record in slow motion. You can just record whatever you want around the house, wherever you are,” he says.

For examples and explanations for how you can use the Galaxy S9+ to create fun and inventive slow-motion masterpieces, you can find the complete ‘Samsung Sessions’ video series featuring The Slow Mo Guys on Samsung’s YouTube channel.

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